Unabashedly so. We finally joined 1999 by getting a DVR recently, and since reruns are blissfully being run on TWO (!) stations currently, I’ve already saved a couple hours worth.

[To now it hasn’t been possible to just buy the boxed set b/c apparently they’ve hit a licensing wall with all the music they use. Rumor is it will be solved soon, though. Keep your ear out for it.]

And since my DARLING DAUGHTER thinks it’s great fun to get up at FIVE FREAKING FORTY in the morning, I’ve had lots of time to veg on the couch and watch an episode or two before Jack wakes up and starts the chatter-train. This has been (somewhat sadly) a real highlight for me in the last week, b/c I still believe that show is one of the best series I’ve ever watched.

I think part of it is from growing up an only child in an apartment with my mom. Something about the dysfunctionally idyllic Arnold family was comforting to me. Jack Arnold was gruff like my grandpa (the only dependable father figure for me) and the storylines involving him meant the most to me. In retrospect I can see how a familial connection to a TV show (not to mention the father figure in my absent-father world) is really, really sad. But, well, that was my life then, and I didn’t know it was sad, y’know?

Years later I recognize the other reason I idolized the show is because the Arnold clan is very similar to my mom’s family (with obnoxious brothers and a hippie sister) dynamic. Mom’s family was my only real context for the word family, so I used that as the template I wanted in my future. I’m still imagining that when I think ahead.

I watched an ungodly amount of TV as a child (but I also inhaled books like oxygen, so I think it evens out) and of all the stupid things I watched (Punky Brewster? Kids Incorporated? Ugh.) I really think Wonder Years was good for me. Fred Savage has never grown out of dorkiness, but neither have I, and overall it was comforting during a less-than ideal childhood.

So see? TV isn’t all bad. I could have attached myself to The Simpsons or Married With Children, right?