Well our un-AP scheme to sync the kids’ sleep schedules has paid of slightly [alliteration unintended]: Lo slept until 7:00 o’clock this morning! Woo hoo! And on a tangential sleep note, we got some Valerian (often used as a natural sedative) recently b/c Jon was having a hard time falling asleep. But the last two nights I took one in the hopes of crashing and getting a full deep REM sleep to catch up. It didn’t work. I’ve been waking up feeling like I’ve been dead and brought back to life; sore and headachey and all-around out of it. But the upside is I’ve been having some CRAZY dreams, and last night was pretty cool. I dreamed that John C. Reilly was directing a live-action Family Guy/superhero movie, complete with speeding train and some sort of Silver Surferish marathon runner. (Though I might have been confusing it with the Simpson’s animated movie coming out, b/c there was a little blond girl in it not unlike Lisa.)

At any rate I definitely need to get to the bottom of ze headaches and feeling tired. I go to the dentist on Friday and strangely, I’ve never in my life been so excited. I’m really hoping we can get on the ball to remove the mercury fillings and begin some cleansing (heh heh) of my body. In a goofy hippie kinda way, I really think I’ll feel better after I figure out what’s going on. I’ve been taking a B complex which has helped my bruising tremendously, but it still hasn’t effected the fatigue and headache. I’m just hoping I don’t test sensitive to gluten, ‘cuz I’ve been down the no-gluten road before, and it SUCKS. I’m sure I’ll have to give up a lot of things (beer) that I like to have (dessert) before I can feel better, so I’m hoping it will be worth it (skinny and energetic) to do.

I’ll keep you updated – aren’t you glad? ๐Ÿ˜‰