Well, I knew it was possible, but I was surprised when the dentist I went to today told me that she absolutely thinks my headaches are due in part to my eroding mercury fillings. Unfortunately, she also attributed my FOUR NEW (small) CAVITIES to that erosion. I also apparently have an unhinged jaw and clench my teeth at night.

“Have much stress in your life?” she asked.

Something nursing moms need to know is that it’s pretty easy to slip on your nutrition and have it (basically) leached from your own reserves to give to the halfling. So she told me that if she didn’t already know from my convo with the hygienist, she would have asked me immediately if I had been nursing simply from the calcification levels of my teeth. Which is not so much simply calcium, but the whole mineralization. She also mentioned that diets that are high in acidic foods will lead to serious depletion. (And, sadly, coffee, my bff, is crazy acidic. *sigh*) She was out of her handouts, but told me she’d send her nutrition info that lists the alkaline foods we need to eat most (I think a 70/30 ratio).

So there ya go. The first side of my mouth will be replaced at the end of August, the second after that. It’s a pretty intricate protocol to remove amalgams, and re-filling it all should be a penny. But, the good news (I guess) is that because I’m legitimately eroding, insurance will cover the replacements. I’d rather have gold [insert clever grille joke here, though it’s only my back molars] because it’s inert, but I’ll hopefully get porcelain or composite at least.

Not every dentist thinks mercury is a big deal. My roommate from college is a dentist and last I talked to him didn’t think it was a problem. Smart guy, I respect him in a lot of ways, but I gotta disagree here. So if you think you too might be interested, go to this site and search for a dentist near you. I saw the *only* one in KC. She has to go to St. Louis to get her teeth done.

Nuts, I tell ya. Why is this even a discussion? MERCURY BAD!