I’m embarrassed to say I have a secret. Ever since my beloved Lucy died, I’ve been intermittently asking/bugging/begging Jon for a new cat. We totally don’t need one, and when thinking practically, there are a hundred million other things we should do besides add a cat to our zoo.

Then I stumbled upon I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? awhile back, and I ridiculously and shamefully love it. It is so, so dumb. But I’m such a sucker for adorable animals with silly sayings (even using text-language). It’s just right up my ubernerd alley, and that’s actually what is embarrassing. But oh well.

So I want to officially announce I will stop trying to ask for a cat, and will fill that void with this website (and our other cat/beast). For now.

ETA: To solidify my presidency of All Things Dork, apparently that site is an example of ‘lolcats’ which is a computer-geek phenomenon that has been happening for a long time, and is one of those things the cool people (I’m thinking of you Brandon. And Kevin. AndJasonandAndyandSammy..) know about somehow. Jon even gave me crap about it yesterday. There’s a Wikipedia page about it! And I didn’t know.

Sigh.. But hey, at least I am in enough to get and laugh at ‘internets’.