(My training, not yours. Don’t leave.)

So the best thing so far about WordPress over other blogs I’ve had is that it tells you how many people have looked at your blog and also from where (i.e., my myspace link or from someone’s blog who links to me). But that doesn’t mean I know who is looking, nor do the numbers match up. Either people are randomly finding it or a lot of people just have it memorized or bookmarked, thus I have no way of tracking, so don’t worry.

And this is all fun and ego-boosting, thanks. I can see what links you enjoy (hello, all you fellow lol cat dorks!) and what comments you like to read (Sicko’s pretty intriguing apparently). And what I really find gratifying is that more than one person has been jumping from my blog daily to see the Omnibus proceedings. That’s cool; in fact I’m really glad that the info is being utilized.

But the.. uh, oddest thing is that there is a subheading that says “Search Engine Terms” where it tells me what words people used to find me – again, possibly accidentally. Nonetheless, someone apparently found me today by searching “autism barometric pressure”. I’m guessing that’s referring to the rain one? I don’t remember mentioning autism, but I suppose I did. Anyway, my babbling here is to say that I got a good laugh out of seeing that another search phrase was ‘unhinged jaw’. Twice, no less.

I mean, what a mnemonic to be remembered by, eh?