We enrolled Jack in swim lessons at the Y, and they’ve gone swimmingly (ha ha). No really, they’re not going well. Unfortunately we should have probably been aware enough to warn the teacher not to ‘accidentally’ drop him like I see her do the other kids. I know it’s an attempt to get them used to bobbing up and down in the water (which happens while you swim, obviously) but Jack’s only cool in the pool if he’s hugging the wall. So currently Miss Tracy is pretty much up there with.. uh.. well, no one. This particular animosity is specific towards her; he’s structured like that. (bahdum ching!)

I should have swallowed my pride and enrolled him in the Mommy & Me class first, but it only went to 3 years, and he’s tall enough to look like a 5 year-old, so I thought maybe the excitement of the other kids would be enough.

I was wrong. Score another point for Autism.

But I’m not worried; he’ll get there in his own sweet time. He does most things in his time.

I just wish I had the clock.