(Many props to Sara for the linky.)

Unless you’re my sister, I’m assuming you heard music in the 80s. Take this quiz and see how you do. My measly score was 46.5. I’ll bet a G.W. that Jon (eh, or maybe Jason) smokes everyone. His knowledge of useless and obscure trivia is limitless. People fight over him for trivia games, I swear. Don’t cheat – it’s just a quiz.

And while thinking of 80s awesomeness: We are having our sort-of-annual Birthdaversary party on August 11th (our bdays and anniversary are in the first half of August) and I have an evite, but it’s got our home addy on it, so I’m not going to print it. But if you haven’t gotten it (KCAPers came to mind) please lemme know so I can send it to you.

It’s a costume party. With karaoke. And 80s music. And Tang. Awesome.

(Oh, and leggings and flipped collars are somehow in again, so no excuses!)