Hey buddy, let’s get shoes on to go to the store.

AUGH! No you CAN’T go to the store!

Relax, Jack. Should we go get some more fruit and yogurt?

Do you want fruit and yogurt in your white bowl?

It’s all gone, that’s why we should go get some. I think we should get some pears, doesn’t that sound fun?

NO! We never, never, never go to the store. Do you want to stay here with Lorelei while Jack goes to the store?

Well, that’ll be kinda hard, buddy. I need to drive the car.

NO! You CAN’T drive the car! Do you want to go to the farm? It may take a while to eat white eggs but we can’t have yellow butter with our yellow eggs. We can’t have blue butter. We can’t eat white eggs because it may take a while.

We’ll make eggs later, sweet boy. Let’s get a snack ready. Do you want green crackers and raisins?

We can’t have snacks. Do you want a pepperoni pizza?

How ’bout we make that for lunch! That sounds like a great plan! But we need to go to the store, so let’s get some snacks and cold water and put our shoes on.

Do you want to have pepperoni pizza for lunch first? Do you want that, Mom?

Sweet boy, it’s only 8:45. We just ate breakfast. We’ll eat pizza for lunch with our fruit and yogurt. Do you need to go potty before we go?

NO! I CAN’T go potty! You don’t go poopy in your diaper. I never, never go potty.

That’s fine. Let’s go.

Do you want to go to the green slide, Mom? I think we can go to Old McDonald’s and play on the slide. I think that’s a good idea, Mom. Great job, Mom! Great job going to Old McDonald’s to play on the slide. Are you ready? Are you ready Lorelei? Ok, let’s go!

Baby, we can’t go right now to the slide. We need to go to the store and when we get back we can play while Lo-lo sleeps. When Daddy comes home I bet we could go to the slide, when it’s cooler.

NOOOO! We CAN’T go to the store..!