Today my better half is the big 2-9. So if you get a chance, drop him a witty birthday greeting.

So let’s see.. I had big plans to discuss every detail about our trip, but sadly it seems things are sweeping along and I can’t seem to concentrate enough to remember every detail. I had been worried that I would be sensory overloaded like I was in Vegas, but aside from the airport and deathwish cabbies, New York didn’t overwhelm me at all. I. Loved. It. I loved the energy and individuality and tallness of it. I loved that there were so many cool things within walking distance. I loved the show we saw (despite heroic efforts by Ahhh-Liz to get us Wicked tickets) and the yummy food we ate. I loved seeing our friends. I loved the creepy statue-mimes and disco roller-bladers. I loved the older fella who is teaching Misty Spanish and the European tourists who were so naturally glamorous. I could totally live in New York if I could just bring my house and plop it in the middle of the garden next to Sam & Misty’s apartment. (That’s where my true suburban blood was strongest: I need… spaciousness too much.) Basically we’re already planning a trip in the Spring, that’s how much we loved it.

But I have a busy day so I need to go. Tomorrow I think we should finally get around to discussing HP so be ready. And in honor of our trip and Jon’s birthday, here’s the coolest thing we got: