Quick story: We got a couple of those little juice thingys at the grocery store, and when I went to drink it just now I glanced at the back and saw “no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sugar added”. I took a pretty big gulp and immediately tasted the sucralose. Now, I get the whole glycemic thing, but artificial sweeteners taste like crizap to me, so I felt bait-and-switched with the way it was worded. No wonder it was on sale. Bah.

Let’s see.. Our anniversary yesterday was kind of Griswaldy; Jon and I have colds and Lo had an off-and-on fever, so it was a rather boring day – except for the constant battle with my beloved fartknocker son. That kid is so contrary he talks back before he even registers what you’ve said.

“Jacoby do you want a cookie?”

“No I can’t… Yes do you want a cookie?”

So Jon had spontaneously asked his parents if they could come over for an hour so we could snag dinner, but there was miscommunication and his mom thought they were coming over for dinner. Imagine the conversation we have beforehand where I am discussing that we really don’t have anything to feed the kids and they can have turkey sandwiches and she thinks that’s what I’m saying we’ll all eat for family dinner. When they showed up she had chicken and potatoes and green beans and bread and CHOCOLATE CAKE and I’m thinking Wow, you are such a good grandma. Then as we’re standing there with shoes on discussing what we (Jon and I) are going to eat for dinner the crash of understanding hits us and we all realize what happened.

We ended up staying home b/c they are so good to us that we felt guilty ditching them. Not quite as good as Carraba’s, but that’s ok. I’d rather have a big crazy family then a perfect uneventful date. Mostly.

On another note I think we’ve decided Moe is actually Oscar. I can’t have a Moe and a Lo. That’s too confusing. I was pushing for Ernie but Jack piped up with Oscar and voila! he wins. I heart Oscar so far, though. He is very cuddly and purry and sweet-natured. He’s also a little shit that will climb your face to get to the top of the couch, the stinker. I wish you could see how little he really is. He fits into the palm of my hand, and makes Lorelei look like some stumbling giant (Grawp, if you will *snicker*). Here’s a picture basically to size.


Ok, speaking of my little giant, Lo just woke up and I have the beginnings of a migraine. (Surely from that gulp of artificial sweetener and not the coffee and computer time today, right?)

Happy Monday everyone!