So I saw this article today about a hotel opening up in space. Really. Apparently in 2012 people can spend $4 mil to spend three days in space, watching 15 sunrises and floating in a room with water bubbles to shower. And I googled it and found the homepage Galactic Suite which has, in my opinion, an odd image of an in-utero fetus (for comparison to weightlessness) and a yoga-positioned woman staring at an image of Earth. The picture of the rocket with the brand on the side (like you’d see on a commercial plane) cracks me up, though.

Actually, considering the billions of dollars being spent on this, I’m kind of surprised the website is as mediocre as it is. The font’s cheesy (I know, it’s supposed to be alien-ish), the timing is way too fast and the song is distracting. I guess I just have high expectations for a website about VACATIONING IN SPACE.

They should work on that and I’ll save up my money. In the meantime Misty, you should send a resume b/c you would totally rock that site. And you and Sammy do have a goal to go worldwide every year, right? Well they’re already taking reservations. 😉