*Good to know, since that means school starts tomorrow instead of in two days. Man I’m such a dummy sometimes.. Ciao everyone, how are you? I have another headache, so I think this will probably be more ramble than organized. But the kids are watching a video, so I wanted to get a quick note in.

Jack starts school on Thursday and I will be having a party to celebrate. I kid – sort of. Someday I’d like to homeschool, but until then I will happily send him to school – he loves it and needs the constant stimulation that I just don’t have the energy to provide.

Last spring the school nurse told me he had slightly failed his eye exam and that I should take him to see a specialist to get tested. We did that yesterday and my sweet, sweet boy handled it like a champ. They had to put dilation drops in his eyes and we had half an hour to kill before they could test him, so we went downstairs to the cafe to get ice cream. His eyes are really dark anyway, but it was honestly a bit creepy that even dilated you couldn’t see where his pupils and eye color met. He did great though, and hollered a hearty ‘goodbye anyone! thanks for coming to the eye doctor!’ when we left. We were met with a waiting roomful of laughs. 🙂 (Oh – he was fine. Very slightly near-sighted but not enough to really need glasses – just like me.)

Ok, so one of my biggest pet peeves is this annual phone call I get from the Kansas State Troopers Association. A few years ago I got suckered into ‘donating’ and when I got the thing in the mail, they had added a surcharge. I was so incensed that they surcharged my freaking donation I refused to donate again. That, and I realized what a fool I’d been to think the guy calling was actually a volunteer. Nope. They have PAID ACTORS who play country music in the background and have a twang when they call you. ‘Howdy mam, this is Tommy from the KSTA. Now don’t worry, I’m not tryin’ to get you in trouble for that speedin’ you did last week (hearty laugh), nothin’ like that..’. The whole thing is offensive and annoying as hell. Plus I’m just irritated I didn’t catch it the first time. So yesterday when they called I politely went along until the time came to tell him now was not a good time to donate. (I’m not much of a hanger-upper; I’ve had to do that job before and it sucks.) And what kills me is that his whole speech ends by asking which level am I ready to donate at – the 25, 35 or $45. They just manipulate people so much! And I’m sure there are people who think those are the only choices! So I politely decline and he tries to guilt me into it by saying that my donation will buy a reflective jacket for a Trooper, and don’t I want to save lives? It took a whole lot of willpower not to ask this asshat actor if he was donating his paycheck back to the cause. Whatever. Next time I’ll send him over to the sweet Judy Fisher at the Missouri Council for the Blind who calls me unfailingly once a month to see if I have any household donations. This woman calls from her own home and is so sweet that I give stuff I wouldn’t *normally* give away just to support her.

But, I need to go, so I thought I’d end with a picture of my beautiful little monkey: Princess Buckethead. Happy Tuesday Wednesday~