Even as a youngin’ I liked nice guys. I saw the link to this interview with Fred Savage over on MDC. Here’s the best part:

4. Oldest thing in your fridge or freezer? Breast milk. We’ve tried, particularly with the move, to clean out our freezer as much as possible because in the old house, it would get cluttered with so much crap. But the one thing we haven’t been able to throw away is the breast milk — and we should, because it’s over 6 months old. You’re not supposed to keep it frozen for more than that. … But I just don’t have the heart to because my wife worked so hard, she pumped every night — it was really hard on her to make this. So we probably have some breast milk from February.

Coincidence that his wife’s name is Jennifer? I think not. 😉


Moving on, so this weekend is over and THANKFREAKINGGOD. I’d lie if I said that it was a good one – Jon was out of town for 4 days and it was rough. But I did get to see my post-adolescent boyfriend in my favorite movie (hence the song choice for the week. 15 forever-Jen points if you know what I’m referencing). Honestly, it was good for me to have so much time to think (because I never do enough of that *snort*). I’ve realized that despite my uh, sometimes heightened emotions I can usually come back down to reality if given enough time to digest and process, y’know? And that’s hard when you’re with someone all the time. I don’t get/make/have a lot of time to myself, and it’s always been something I need when we argue – space and time. But the kids kind of complicate that, because we have to be very aware of what we discuss in front of them, and even if I left for 15 minutes to chill and drive around, it’s stressful to them. In fact Jack asked Jon last night if he had ‘run away from mommy’. We don’t know if it was literal (because we had played chase before bed) or because Jon had been out of town. But poor Jon’s heart made an audible kee-rack sound of breaking at the thought. His job is so awesome in so many ways, but the traveling is the hardest on Jack, hands-down. Oh well, we adjust and roll.

Life is good. Thanks for all the birthday greetings here and elsewhere, friends. I heart you all.