As much as I love WordPress (and I do, a lot) I am not digging the issues I have with pictures**. Why can’t they be anywhere between thumbnail and the size of the screen? I’m sure the problem lay with my zero knowledge of pixelation, but my tooth hurts and I’m waiting for Jon to bring home some ice cream and the first season of Heroes. I’m grumpy and don’t feel like finding out.

And I guess I need to apologize slightly to Dr. Manroe for telling the world what a horrible dentist he’s been all these years. Apparently I metabolize pain medication crazy fast, and have supernerves in my teeth. Poor Greg tried SEVEN times to shoot up one tooth with progressively more intense drugs and I still felt the work. Seriously. I pop kids out like it’s nothing and a little smoke coming out of my mouth makes me cry? Ugh. I’m an unhappy mama right now folks. But, now that the first stage of the work is being done, I can say I *am* really glad I decided to wean Lorelei. I can’t imagine what’s coursing through me right now.

This, too, is what I looked like today after trying to eat lunch:


My advice? Don’t get cavities that need to be filled.

**Hey, uh, guess what. I discovered that I can resize the corners bigger and smaller in the edit screen. Woot!