I wasn’t going to blog about Britney, b/c I’m better than that (and I don’t want to admit I watched the VMAs this year). But… I can’t help myself. That girl is so sadly pathetic. I’ll go ahead and post the video, but I bet it will be taken down soon – the others have been. If so it’s not like you probably haven’t seen pictures anyway. **ETA: Or, you could watch it yourselves again on MTV, since apparently their declarations on how the VMAs would only be shown once were lies. Tsk.

There’s split thinking on whether to judge or pity her. And it’s hard for me to have a lot of sympathy for someone who refuses to put on underwear, wears miniskirts and can’t climb out of a car properly. (Just google it. It happened again after the awards on Sunday. Seriously, girl. That’s just foul.) Or someone who hits cars in front of hordes of paparazzi and then walks away as if no one saw her. Or whose dog shats on an eleventybillion dollar dress during a photo shoot. And those don’t come close to her parenting decisions. If I concentrate too hard on that I might pop a blood vessel in my forehead. Good thing they’re with K-Fed a lot. **screech** Did I just say that?!

The thing is, I do feel sorry for her. I want to take her parents, her handlers, her managers and all the people who have ever taken advantage of her stardom and crack their heads together. They used her and she is ill-prepared for adulthood. Or reality. Or even planet earth. I feel sorry that this poor girl was crazy objectified as a teenager, and has no identity outside of that. She is being raked over the coals for not looking hot enough, but I can promise – no guarantee – that 95% of women would not possibly look as good as she did after having two children in the last three years. She could have looked so much better if she had had a yard more clothing. And a hat. And a memory of the words to her song. And some coffee to counteract whatever was in the j she smoked beforehand.

Anyway. I guess there’s no real reason to blog about her; there’s nothing I’m saying that is new. It’s just sad. I mean, she’s gone so far that even *I* really don’t take pleasure in her shambles. That mama needs a mama. Badly.

**ETA: Told you. Not 24 hours later and it was yanked. I took it down b/c it was slowing down my page load. (Or WordPress is running slowly today. Either way it’s useless now.)