However, I’m fairly certain my friends probably don’t love me so much when there’s an open bar. Good Lawd I’m annoying. (Moreso than usual, if that’s possible. I’m sorry, B-Rand. I seem to think you, Kevin and Donato got the brunt of it.) Worse, I always have random realizations the following day where I groan and hope whomever I made an ass of myself in front of doesn’t remember with the same clarity I do.

Eh. Whatcha gonna do. Mazel tov Jimmy and Wynn!


The whole gang



Kevin, H.Pimp, me, Brandon and Donato


JimmyJames, Wynn and Best man Kevin



Me and Susie between tequila shots, I think.


(P.S. The whole album is here if you’d like to see them undistorted.)