Last week Jon’s dad asked Jack if he knew that Monday was named for the moon. And that Sunday was named for the sun. Then he tried to explain about the etymology of August and September but Jack crawled under the table and the lesson was cut off. ((sigh)) I love that little turd. Last night I went in to him because he was obviously screaming from a nightmare. We usually don’t try to wake him b/c he has a sleepwalker-tendency to be even more confused, but I was stroking his hair and kissing his forehead to try and calm him. After a moment he quieted, then rolled over and said “Mommy, could you please just let me get some sleep?”

Oh, well, so sorry dear.

So on Mondays I try to change the song and video over there <– but I just can’t change out my boyfriend yet. First because it’s a real pain to switch videos on that site, but mostly because I enjoy his smiling face. ((sigh)) And since not very many people seem to watch the video anyway (what is WRONG with you people?!) I figured no one would care if he hung out a bit longer. Like a month or seven. Whatever.

Alright, Lo’s up and I need to do some dishes. Mas manana. Adios.


ETA: I keep forgetting to mention that probably three times a week someone hits my blog by having searched with the words “how to do the chicken dance” (which brings them to the anniversary post with the Arrested Development clip).

And I’m assuming people out there really are googling how to do the chicken dance. But what I want to know is why do people need to find that out if you’re not in third grade or at a wedding? And more importantly, WHO DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?! I thought it was marked in our genetic coding or something.

Anyway. I just giggle every time I see it. That’s information I’d rather unlearn, so I can’t imagine searching for it.