I have a confession that there is a small part of me that is always going to be viscerally country. And that includes loving Garth Brooks. I KNOW what you may be thinking, but that embarrassing Chris Gaines thing aside, I will say the same to you as I do my Dave Matthews hater-friends: You have to admit that at best he is talented and at worst he puts on a great performance. (Popularity doesn’t always have to equal crap, despite the oath music snobs take when they join the secret society.)

I have many fond memories of that time period I listened to country, so when Garth announced he was coming to KC’s new Sprint Center for a one-time show, I got excited about the concept of going, since I never got around to one before he retired (even when he was in Manfreakinghattan while I was at K-State! Idiot!).

Anyway, the way the tickets will work

[which, btw, he capped the cost at $28 which I think is nice considering many other eleventybillionaires – like Van Halen’s $100+ ticket – wouldn’t do that]

is you have to go today and stand in line to get a random-numbered wristband. Then on Saturday morning you stand in line again, and try and get tickets based somehow on the numbering system of the wristbands.

Well, I must have accidentally added some CRACK to my coffee this morning, b/c I packed the kids up and went to what I thought would be a fairly remote ticket outlet to try and snag a wristband. I timed it for about 15 minutes after they started giving them away, and figured there’d be a handful of people waiting.


The line went out the store, around the side of the building, and along the back where it turned the corner again. There were easily three or four hundred people waiting.

And despite the fact that Jack declared his excitement to stand in line (a new fun game from school – we do it a lot when we go places as a family) there was obviously no way in hell I could try it.

So, unless something miraculous happens (a giveaway or kindhearted scalper or sudden genealogical connection to the Brooks family) I think I’ll have to keep Garth’s name on my before-I-die-concert-wishlist. Currently he’s tied with Radiohead, so that should hopefully up my points again.