I want you to know I was online for 20 minutes and watched three different added shows sell out. But I said I needed a miracle yesterday and sure enough I was there when a SIXTH show was suddenly added and I got two tickets immediately.


ETA: Nine total shows all sold out in under two hours.

ETAA: According to the KC Star:

The wristbands were just a trinket, a lagniappe. Garth didn’t invent the number/lottery system, which doesn’t have the slightest affect on who gets tickets. He said he’d try to accommodate his fans; what he meant was: I’m going to attack the heart of the system: the supply of tickets.

So he beat the brokers and second-hand ticket sellers another way: He flooded the market with shows — tickets. Nine shows. That’s roughly 140,000-plus tickets. It won’t eliminate scalping, but it sure dilutes the value of a ticket. Maybe they’ll have to scalp the wristbands.