Hello everyone, how was your weekend? I hope you all are less foggy than I am today.

So Jack’s been answering questions lately with an ‘oh yah?’ straight out of Fargo (which he hasn’t seen) and it just cracks me up. And I mention that only because it’s fresh on my mind and it makes me think of something I wanted to address. I realized this weekend I may have come off as kinda racist when I posted the celebrity thing down there. Usually I don’t feel the need to preface a description of someone with their race or ethnicity unless it’s vital to the conversation, but I just thought it was funny that I apparently look like so many different people.

Therefore I wanted to hereby declare I have no issues with people of Polish (Israeli/Cantonese) descent. Just chess players. *snort*

Let’s see.. Fun weekend for the most part. A happy belated birthday to our beloved Brandon who brought his friends Kim and Ben to drink some beer on Friday. The next morning before lunch I basked in the bliss of getting the Garth Brooks tickets. Then we watched our boys get beaten by some birds down the road. Bad moods ensued for bit. Later I helped beautify my baby sister who, along with her boyfriend (another Brandon), looked as embarrassed as I suggested they would. The weekend ended with bumming around and baking some banana muffins for the brood.

Man I love being a word nerd.

So that’s it. Here’s a pic of Lizzie. Unfortunately she looks adorable for her first dance (as opposed to my turquoise, shiny and best-of-all POOFY dress that I wore. You would think it was 1984 it’s so hideous. Of course, there are much prettier pictures of me from dances so maybe you could replace that one MOM!?) which means she’ll be able to hold it over me that I don’t have anything equally as bad to hold over her. It’s all about winning the sibling rivalry wars, I get that now.

At least I have wind on my side. But they still looked so dang cute.