WHY my daughter decided to get up at 1:45 and stay up until around 7:00 (minus one half-hour break she took to recharge) for no apparent reason other than curiosity and stubbornness. She was well enough to want a snack around 2:30 and to watch some Elmo around dawn. And I don’t think anything hurts, because when Jack came tornadoeing into our room around 8:30, she managed to perk up enough to eat a bowl of oatmeal and then beaugard most of my bagel.

However, she’s so delirious that when you ask her a question, she will literally shake her head no while saying yes, or nod her head yes while saying no way. In fact trying to discuss anything last night was met with either NO WAY GO WAY or MOMMA W’ARE YOU? Even when we were in bed and she was draped like a koala on my chest.

So now, at 9:09 am, I have had almost 3 and half hours of sleep. Poor Hamburger Pimp has had even less, since it was difficult to sleep with a perpendicular toddler and he had a crazy-early meeting today.

And normally I would gripe and whine and let it go, because these are events that come with parenting. But I’m officially announcing my suspicions of a coup d’etat, only because just last night, while discussing the dinner we’re planning to have tonight with Jon’s sister (who’s in town with her boyfriend), I said “we need to make sure the kids get good sleep tonight so we can wear them out and put them to bed early tomorrow.”

This one’s a sneaky one.. I’m going to keep my eye on her.

Assuming I can keep it open.