For Radiohead.

Bah. That was so very lame, I’m sorry. Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

So I just download the new album In Rainbows from their site and I’m lurvin’ it. It has a Bends/OK Computer sound so far, which are my favorite albums so I’m digging it. Have you heard how they skipped the middle man and offer it for free (if you choose to pay nothing) at their site? So freaking cool. It has a question mark next to the space where you name the price and if you click it it says “It’s up to you” and if you click the question mark next to that another page pops up that says “Really, it’s up to you”. However I feel badly that like the idiot American I am, I totally miscalculated the Euro/dollar conversion (even though they give you a freakin’ conversion site!) and underpaid them what I intended to. But I feel somewhat assuaged that:

a) this is Radiohead, it’s probable they have more money than I, and

b) if they came in for a concert I’d sell one of my kidneys if it cost that much.

And that’s about all I have. Today is my exhaustion day from two nights ago (it’s always the day after that it hits. Always.) and it’s sort of cloudy so I’m hoping to snuggle in and chill today.

But to promote one of my favorite bands, here’s one of their new songs, “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”. Listen to it and promptly go download yourself a copy. But someone please pay more than a couple bucks, because I would feel better if it evened out. Danke.