Lo-speak for ‘good morning’. But again, our day with Lorelei started at 3:45, so really, at this point it’s mid-afternoon, right? Hrumph.

Yah, hullo. How is everyone? Our weekend was pretty low-key. Saw some friends, watched some football, but mostly veged. Lo had a fever off-and-on all weekend, and is in full-on snot mode (aren’t you glad you read a mom’s blog?). Jack, though, seems to be, again, the healthiest member of the family. He has a cough when he first wakes up, but then nothing after, really. And secretly, sometimes I wish he could get even a mild cold, so that he would come down a notch or two. Not get really sick – just not climb the walls and use his VERY LOUD EXUBERANT VOICE for maybe a day or two.

And other than that and watching our Cats redeem themselves (eat ’em up!), I’ve mostly been listening to my newest favoritest album. Although, I do have to add, I am really beginning to feel disconcerted that Thom York(e)’s voice is reminding me of the creepy old guy from Family Guy. Really, that can totally ruin a song, so I’m trying desperately not to let it.

So that’s about it as a weekend recap. (Hmmm.. my Monday posts always seem to be sort of unorganized, huh? Oh well.) But I do have one last thing: Jon and I were discussing an accident I had when we were first married, and I want to ask a question for everyone to answer if you could por favor.

The winter of ’00/’01 KC had a string of nasty ice storms, and during one of them I was headed to a friend’s house late and was on a gravel road with a pretty steep incline. I didn’t realize there was – I think they said – 6 inches of ice on that road, so as I went down the hill, I lightly put on the brakes in preparation for the stop sign at the bottom. Well, immediately I started sliding towards the edge of the road, where I then tipped over and slid upside-down into the ravine about 20 feet. I was able to call 911 but was trapped in the crushed car for almost half an hour until someone came and opened up the back door and pulled me out.

Great story, right? Yeah, it sucked A LOT. But here’s what I want to know: When the car was beginning to slide, it was only going maybe 10-15 miles an hour. It felt like eternity as I glided gracefully over. And I joke now that I probably could have gotten out and run circles around the car before getting back in. Yet some people have alluded that they would have actually had the wherewithal to get out. So I want to know if people (you all, currently) really could think ahead to do that. If it’s an ice storm and your car begins to slide, do you think you would just hop out so you don’t go over with it? I won’t be offended whatever you say, I promise, but I guess I just don’t see how anyone instinctively thinks they would get out of a moving car. And I know it’s hard to imagine if you’re not really there, but I’m curious nonetheless.

It’s not a really important question, obviously. But I’m just wondering. I know next time I might be more apt to risk it, that’s for sure.

So lemme know if you have an opinion, and I hope you have a great day. Ciao!