So I was reading the Yahoo front page just now and saw an article where a NY lawyer is suing her wedding florist for $400,000 for a botched job. Now assuming what she states is true, I too would be pissed. Things like this really can all-but ruin a wedding (if you forget the main caveat that marrying the person you supposedly love should outweigh any wedding mishaps). And I’d especially be furious if I demanded a refund of $4,000 and was ignored.

But to then turn around and ask for $400,000 in damages when the flowers themselves only cost merely $27,000 seems a bit disproportionate, no? I mean, I won’t get into the consumerism of such events where one can spend $27,000 on flowers, but c’mon. Four hundred thousand? That’s seems so unworthy as to be embarrassing.

Who knows, maybe I’m just jealous that I can’t even conceptualize having enough money that these numbers are normal to spend. But surely even to the megalorich that would be ostentatious, right?

What’s the point? I don’t think this person looks powerful. Just superficial.