So I’ve really started enjoying Youtube Tuesdays – that site could suck entire periods of time from my life if I let it. And I always have a handful of things I debate about posting, so this week I’m just going to post some of my random favorites. Huzzah!

First is more Radiohead plugging. No, I’m not getting paid to promote them (yet). Last week I stumbled on to the ‘Street Spirit: Fade Out’, which is really a very pretty video (in all it’s artsy hauntingness). I was introduced to The Bends not very many months before my friend drowned in college, and though I didn’t know it at the time (I’m never good about figuring out lyrics) these words were chillingly prescient to the situation. This song is inexorably linked to that time because I played it over and over. Something about the repetitiveness seemed to stall the rush of feelings. I’m sure it didn’t, but really, this song was like a strange white noise to hide behind. It doesn’t make sense, and I know it drove my roommates crazy, but that’s what I remember. Oddly, it is probably my favorite song of theirs, hands down.


Next we have a great synopsis of my tied-for-first favorite movie: Goodwill Hunting. It’s set to the beautiful Elliott Smith – whose music basically soundtracked the movie. This was my introduction to my boyfriend, Matt, of course. And Matt/Ben-bashing aside, it’s an incredibly written (hello Oscar!) and acted (another Oscar!) movie. Don’t be a snob; go see it.


And finally, a skit from my favorite series on SNL: Celebrity Jeopardy. I laugh every single time I watch this. It’s where the world got ‘eleventybillion’. Sheer genius.