But when I double checked the definition (I’m brain dead today) I discovered it didn’t quite mean what I thought. I had a vague idea of a mish-mash of useless facts, and it means that sort of (overabundance), but it also apparently means:

1: a bodily condition characterized by an excess of blood and marked by turgescence and a florid complexion

Huh. That’s gross. I even had to look up turgescence (root: turgid) and it discussed ‘swollen’, specifically in regards to language. So I guess I need to try and remember this in the future. I’d hate to imagine what people have been thinking of me all these years, regardless of which definition you choose.

Anyhoo, MY ORIGINAL POINT was to give you some of those random facts I learned at the conference. Maybe you knew these things, but I think it’s interesting to learn random trivia.

1. Dasani water has Magnesium Sulphate in it. This is important to note for pregnant mamas b/c that is what they give to women to stall pre-term labor. The body needs minerals more than anything else, but this is *not* a good thing for women to drink in pregnancy, despite what Coca-Cola may tell you. (Surprisingly, because they obviously have the ethics to make only the most nutritional products for today’s consumer, right?)

2. Fernand Lamaze (which Bradley is not affiliated with, to be clear) created his breathing methods by working with Pavlov and his dogs. Hut, hut, hooooo because you cool your body by panting? I don’t think so.

3. Arsenic is used to bleach maraschino cherries (b/f they are dyed back that garish red) and an entire jar could KILL a toddler.

4. Chickens that are not labeled antibiotic/pesticide free are most likely dipped in tetracycline before crossing state lines.

5. When breastfeeding, a baby’s saliva is what changes the nutritional makeup for the next feeding. Formula is static and doesn’t adjust, and those who for whatever reason must exclusively pump their milk will most likely lose their quantity faster because the mother’s body isn’t able to get that information to adjust the nutritional content.

Chew on those for a bit; I have to run. Fascinating, idn’t?