There are horrible, horrible things going on in the world that totally negate writing an entire post about how television is about to go down the tubes. (Literally. Get it? Television has tubes in it? Aw, nevermind.) But I love me some escapist television, which is exactly the reason I need it nowadays.

And in case you haven’t heard, the Writers Guild of America is on strike over arguments about how much they should or shouldn’t get paid for DVD royalties and web-based work. I fully support them – they are the driving force behind anything worthy of watching – and they deserve the credit they are due, financially or otherwise. So if the strike holds, I’m apparently going to swiftly lose some of my favorite shows (e.g., Daily Show, Heroes, The Office) and in its place more reality shows will air.

And that will make us continually dumber with each passing night.

I don’t mind some reality shows (I stubbornly admit that in the past I have sort of slightly watched American Idol or anything that’s on MTV, actually), but even I have a degree of elitism about the proposed The Farmer Wants A Wife. I mean, c’mon. The Cowboy Bachelor? That’s..

Well.. That could be actually be ok, now that I think about it.

But I digress; you get my point. My point is that regardless of how much you pat yourself on the back for not watching much TV, surely you can imagine some time in your life that you loved a show. (Hello, Seinfeld anyone? Do you really think Jerry’s that good of an actor? No. It’s the writing that kept you coming back. That and Kramer.) We need to support our writers for having a modicum of intelligence and wit. They make us laugh and cry! We plan parties for finales and have hundreds of message boards about fictional people’s lives! That’s powerful! Television doesn’t have to be the soulless life-sucking American icon some paint it to be. I firmly believe the right choices of viewing can be incredibly enriching. I mean, the Discovery Channel? Yeah. Television – 1, Snobs – 0. So I propose we all stand together and protest the scab shows (though not Scrubs, another great one) that will try and convince you they are comparable to real shows.

And I suppose now would be an appropriate time to insert a plug for picking up those thick, square, spider-smashers and opening them to discover real words that don’t move, but honestly I’d selfishly prefer you just support the kind of writers carried on electricity.

That’s because I’ll probably be somewhat MIA in the next few weeks while I concentrate on my Bradley academic work and honing my own writing skills. I plan to jump in to that cash-cow right when the deal is sweetest. And maybe someday you’ll be blogging about my writing prowess, muahahahaha.

Eh. I’m just kidding. I’m just telling you I’ll be busy.

But if nothing else you won’t lose any more brain cells to reality shows, right? That’s always good.