You know, it’s funny. I woke up this morning with full intentions of making the next 24-hours a country event.

(For this, of course. I am in full-on dork mode.)


I opened up iTunes, knowing I have multiple country CDs floating around, and found.. 6 songs. Six songs? That’s all I’ve deemed worthy to listen to in the three years since we got the computer? That surprised me, because country music really was in equal rotation for me once upon a time. So I opened up our Pandora and set it to the Pure Country (I’m so clever) station, and in half an hour I’ve heard a dozen songs that bring up memories.

I’m sure my stubborn tether to a genre I don’t relate to much anymore is partially the time-period in which I listened to it. I was just hitting my adult years and beginning to figure things out (still working on that – bahdum ching!). Country music’s mostly about simple melodies and storytelling, and I think there’s a time and place for that. I knew a whole lot of country farm kids in college, and I *swear* the music made more sense to me after knowing their lives. And as much as I sometimes yearn for the complexity of big(ger) city life, there is definitely some merit to the simplicity of country living. If I had to make a decision right now between owning property where I could have a big garden and some animals vs living in New York I’d be split right down the middle. Ke-rack.

And I’m sure someone out there is irritated that I’ve made sweepingly stereotypical statements about country music, simple lives and whatnot. Obviously not everyone fits a stereotype, but it’s what I’ve generally found to be true, so there ya go.

Anyway, I was pleased with myself that one of the songs I do have on the computer is Chris LeDoux’s ‘This Cowboy’s Hat’. Because if you’re going to listen to any country, ever, it needs to include this guy.

And don’t worry, faithful readers I know are suffering, you’ll only have to endure one more concert recap tomorrow before this ends.

Until then it is giddyup, baby. 8)