Happy Monday, everyone. I had such a great weekend. We saw lots of good friends, went to the park, watched our Cats actually win something, got holiday pictures taken – fun fun fun altogether.


But then, for some unknown reason, Jack became not himself last night. He refused to go to sleep in his bed, demanding to sleep in ours from the beginning. Since he was acting unusually upset and I was tired, I decided to go to bed early and just bring him in. But even then he was restless: I would be drifting off and he’d sit up and pat my face and tell me to go to sleep. He did that like, 7 times. Like he has ESP and knew I was just about to be totally asleep. Then he had bad dreams all night, and continuously woke up confused and angry and kicking. It was a really, really, really crappy and long night.

And the irony? It’s that the previous few nights he had woken us up with a nice bed shower, so last night we decided to put one of his old Pull-Ups on him in hopes of sleeping uninterrupted (ha ha – kids are so not stupid) and he woke up today completely dry. COMPLETELY DRY. Little turd.

And that’s all I have today. A fairly pointless and grumpy post. But I do have an addendum to the kids’ dictionary wherein Jack now calls every female he sees ‘little lady’ and the man at the farm ‘farmer man’. I think the simplicity of that is genius, so I too might assign names like ‘stupid Tahoe driver’ or ‘inexperienced Starbucks worker.’


But I think that’s just me wanting to spread the stink-eye to everyone, and is probably not quite as innocent.

Just a guess there.