5:00 am – Lorelei wakes up. Since Jon is traveling I get up.

6:00 am – I discover we are out of coffee.

7:30 am – Jack wakes up and announces his underwear is stuck to his..

10:00 am – Kids color with markers. Mostly on themselves and the table.

12:25 pm – Lorelei pukes multiple day’s worth all over herself in the car.

12:50 pm – Get car seat apart to take off cover after twenty minutes.

12:51 pm – Lose one of the freaking screws inside the seat.

12:53 pm – Discover my washing machine has broken. RIGHT THEN.

12:54 pm – Wash the stuff in the tub and the drain clogs.

1:45 pm – Argue with the dentist’s office about discrepancies on bill.

3:00 pm – Repair guy says he won’t be out until tomorrow.

3:25 pm – Lorelei pukes again, in Jack’s carseat this time.

3:30 pm – Throw clothes and towel in tub to wash when I get a second.

3:34 pm – Shoo snacking kitten out of tub. Foul.

3:45 pm – Jack turns to talk while peeing and sprays everywhere.

3:46 pm – Jack helps by pointing to all the wet spots in the bathroom.

4:00 pm – Trip over snacking (again) cat, wrench back.

4:01 pm – Curse Jon for being out of town.

4:02 pm – Curse God for probably laughing.


4:08 pm – Debate escaping, but decide not to because car smells like ralph.