Parenting and marriage are things you do every day, forever and ever. I mention this because after lying awake for a long time last night, listening to my (beloved) snoring husband, I got donkey-kicked out of the bed by my little heat-blasting octopus. Bah.

So. How is everyone doing? Did you have a good weekend? (Feel free to really answer – I’m not being rhetorical.) We were pretty low-key here. Obviously the royal prince asked and received his tree. I thought the poor child was going to actually explode he was so excited. I Grinchingly had forgotten the simple joy that Christmas brings to kids, since this is the first time he’s understood or cared. Of course, now that he knows this is December, every morning we are asked if it’s Christmas. Imagine how his head will explode when it really is, and he sees the bounty he’ll get – he has no idea that Christmas brings gifts. He just thinks it’s a day everyone talks about. Oy.

Let’s see.. I got to see lots of good friends, I had lots of interesting conversations and ate lots of good chili at a TexMexMas ’07. I brought delicious cornbread, but next year I may snag my Momma’s chili recipe and try to enter the contest.

And I think that’s about it. Other than that our dumbasses bundled up and went to the park for approximately.. 4 minutes yesterday. Holy batman it was freaking cold. Later Lorelei slipped and smacked her face on the wood floor as she was sliding down the stairs on her tummy, and now she has one of those caricatured puffy lips that are on all the Simpson’s avatars. Poor monkey.

I’m not sure my Monday weekend re-caps are the most interesting thing to write about each week, but I have a hard time organizing thoughts on Mondays. I should think of a brainless theme for that day like I have for Youtube Tuesday. WHICH, speaking of, you should totally check back tomorrow – my clip will be priceless, hilarious and amazing if you were at least old enough to walk and talk in the 80s.

So happy Monday, yo.