We went to the K-State basketball game at the Sprint center last night with a group of friends. Beforehand we (and apparently 100 other people) stopped at a pub that had illogically staffed three people for the night, so we had to wait until getting to the game for overpriced food. This ended up fortuitous though, because Jon and Brandon both ordered a foot-long hotdog monstrosity with brisket and dried onions on it. I’ll assume they would suggest this conveniently-named ‘KC Dog’ if you’re ever around. Afterwards we stopped at a bar across the street where we discussed IQs while drunk sorority girls danced on tables. (Not implying there’s a correlation there or anything, just sayin’). Anyway, it was good times.

And I know this is Youtube Tuesday, but I needed to cache my pictures because I worry that I may be killing my camera, so I figured I’d post these few as a recap to make Sam jealous. I didn’t get everyone in the group (nor the guy next to us wearing the Joe Leonard jersey), and in quite a few pictures the focus was off, so luckily I have none of myself! Huzzah!

The Sprint Center


B-rand, Ben and Phil


Brothers Dork