How are you? How were your holidays?

We’re fine, in post-holiday recovery. Christmas was a crazy time, but no less than anyone else’s, so that’s secretly relieving. This was the first year Jack sort of understood what was going on, but only partially. He was all types of confused about what was happening. He didn’t get why there were presents when it wasn’t his birthday. He also didn’t get whether it was Santa’s or baby Jesus’ birthday, much less whose lap he would sit on at the mall. Talk about mixed messages, poor kid. The other day when we were going to my parent’s house he mentioned again that he was going to open presents. We told him no, that Christmas was over and it would be a year before he opened more of those kinds of presents. He sat for a moment and said ‘Fine. Then take down the tree.’

Roger that.

New Year’s Eve was fun. A group of friends went to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse where two hours after our reservation, we got to sit down for some delicious and horrifically expensive sushi. We then went back to a friend’s house where we hung out until the wee hours and everyone finally tried to get sleep. I slept about forty seconds before we all got up again in the freezing-ass Kansas morning to make a yummy breakfast. Unfortunately, I just don’t like eating in the morning, so I cuddled my coffee like it was oxygen.

And it’s funny, I’ve had less collective sleep this past week than since Lo was a newborn, but I’m fine. Obviously it’s because I chose to buck practicality, stubbornly resisting parenting realities. I recognize that I’m in a phase of trying to juggle the running dialog in my head while my life continues to truck along. It’s hard to accept that while I may be going through a stage of growth personally, my contemplation doesn’t jive with my environment. It’s a balance, and one of the hardest things I’ve had to be an adult about since getting married and having kids. But, it’s getting easier, and probably will be something I obviously needed to do in retrospect.

And that sounds vague and dramatic, but it’s not, I promise. It’s all good. I’m just mentioning it as a semi-excuse for my lazy posts recently. And if nothing else, I now have like, two some-odd weeks to get my academic Bradley work in so I can start provisionally teaching. That means I have to put down my newest beloved book, Love in the Time of Cholera, so I can write book reports and study and such. Therefore I may be around even less for a bit. But please don’t go away and forget me, you’ll feed my insecurities. 😉

I hope you’re all well, please comment and let me know how you’re doing and how the holidays were.

Much love to all.