I really want to have a profound and fantastically-written post today. However. I don’t think that’ll happen. But I’ll start writing and see if something miraculously develops.

Here are a few things that have popped into my mind this morning:

1. CCR’s ‘Bad Moon Rising’ is on, and it always makes me laugh to think that I grew up thinking they were saying bathroom on the right.

2. Lo’s pattern the last few days is to get up somewhere in the 4 o’clock hour, play for a while and take a nice nap around 7:00 am… Before Jack has even gotten up. Day by day I seem to get less sleep. How long do you think this can go before I implode? I give myself a week.

3. Just read this article about a high school recruit who staged a signing with Cal (complete with tv crews) when in fact he wasn’t even approached by Cal. The sheer desperation of such a grand act is more indicative to me of how far sports have gone, rather than teenage immaturity. And to think this kid wasn’t even from Texas. I’m all about sports, but this mini-rant could quickly slide into the discussion of salaries (and I’m in the camp that thinks they’re beyond ridiculous) so I’ll stop now. I’m just saying it’s sad. This kid’s a product of the machine, in my opinion.

4. My ringtone is the theme from The Office, and I’ve called myself a few times just to hear it. (ETA: That’s supposed to be the subject line. But it’s ok if no one caught it.)

[I know. I’m a dork. But it loses power if I say it first, so don’t bother.]

5. We’re going to Seattle in less than two weeks to see some friends and consume sushi and beer (hmm do those go together?) and I’m so excited it’s almost immeasurable. Hopefully you all know I love my kids more than myself, but MAMA NEEDS A BREAK. And what’s funny is that the weather in Kansas is a nasty cold snow, so usually people want sunny beaches to cheer them up. But you know what makes me happy? Rain. So where do I get to go on my winter vacation? Seattle. Hoo-ah, I’m excited.

6. Here’s my girl Cyndi after finishing her race. She’s upright, I’d be laying in the grass. Congrats, again, amiga. I’m so proud of you. 🙂


And I think that’s about this this morning. Maybe I was on the verge of amazing, but a migraine’s trying to decide if it wants to visit, so this will have to do. Ciao.