For the love of all that is holy I wish I had thought about that before I posted that picture. I figured the whole doula/Bradley thing might have bought me some credence, but I guess not. You all must not have read the last 6 month’s worth of me saying I think today I might lose my mind.

(Trust me, if’n we ever make that decision, surely you will have heard me debate it with all of myselves on here first.)

So, happy Monday! I had such a fun weekend. Here’s why:

1) We leave for Seattle in two days. TO DRINK AND EAT SUSHI. I CAN’T BE PREGNANT, SEE.

2) On Friday, after the kids were down, I stepped out for a bit to see a friend in town (Jimmy aka Jim, Jimmy James, Leggs), and to have adult conversation for an hour on a crazy day. Thank you Jon, I appreciate it greatly.

3) Our good friend from college, Brandi, sent me the German goods – chocolate and ear plugs. Behold:



Now, I don’t speak German. But I do know that one of the ingredients listed on the back of that manna from heaven is Butterfett, which, despite my attempt otherwise to be ignorant, I know is the cognate it looks like. But oh man is that Butterfett good stuff. And the earplugs were sent in reference to my mentioning needing them for sensory overload in every day life, but the timing of those babies (which, ironically, I thought they were condoms at first) is poyfect, because when I really need them is for the flight.

Very thoughtful of you, Freund. Danke

4) Some more good friends, our beloved Sam & Misty, were also in town. On Saturday, Brandon, Jon and I walked 5 blocks in a stupid downpour to go to a crazy-fun new dueling piano bar called Howl At The Moon located in the starting-to-be-revitalized downtown area called the Power and Light District. The main musician (Ryan McCall, go see him and tip well) who plays is good friends with Sam & Mist, so we went to hear him and see them. Unfortunately, the three of us were the only idiots in all of KC who a) didn’t park in the attached parking garage, and b) couldn’t be bothered to bring an umbrella.

(How do you say drowned rat in German?)


We missed Misty and Jamie, Ryan’s wife, by about 20 minutes, but luckily M&S stopped by last night to hang and talk babies (hers, not mine, see) and politics. Holy batman I adore them and sorely miss New York. In fact I may still accidentally get on a flight heading East on Wednesday. It’s a strong pull. It’s also a testament of my adoration that I’m going to post a horrible picture, but only b/c every time they come into town, the pictures of Misty never come out. So, be so amazed by my bravery and their beauty you just skim over it, mmkay?


Finally, to cap off my weekend, M&S brought me a sweet purse bought on the actual streets of New York. I have no idea if it’s real, stolen, knock-off or not supposed to be, but I lurve it. Again, thank you friends.

Fo’ real, I am very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. I appreciate and love you all, and will moreso when we start curbing the procreating rumors.