Here’s a ridiculously simplified list of some reasons why I choose not to vaccinate. This can be a springboard for further discussion should anyone want to, or it can satisfy curiosities. I know I should cite references for my opinions, but I don’t feel like digging them up (from ‘real’ sources like the CDC or PubMed no less!). If you can’t find them yourself, or feel they are incorrect, please let me know.

1. The ingredients needed as preservatives and adjuvants, not to mention the cultured viruses themselves, are completely unnatural for our bodies. Were you to get any of these vax-preventable diseases (VPDs) for real, it would be a completely different story to your immune system.

2. The efficacy rate is not 100%, yet there is a God-complex trust in them that’s borne of fear of the ‘unknown’.

3. I don’t believe in herd immunity as it’s touted (at least in regards to vaccines, if not the theory itself). Yes, if everyone stopped vaxing altogether there would be a natural backlash of infections. But in time it would even out to where it should be.

3a. You can’t protect from all germs. It’s just simply impossible, not to mention stupid. We all have good and bad bacteria in our bodies, that’s what keeps us balanced. You get sick when you’re out of balance. So when you try and take out an entire subset of bacteria, you create an epidemiological niche – a hole, if you will – that is promptly filled with a different strain. That’s called serotype replacement. (This is exactly what’s happening with MRSA and CA-MRSA. Bleach is simply not the answer for everyone.)

4. Pertussis sucks, agreed. The vaccine sucks worse, though, and has not changed the stats anyway. It’s a nasty, unpredictable and dangerous vaccine.

5. The CDC doesn’t even have stats for Tetanus in kids. Think about that. So why is it included? Unless you have a reason for a slow circulatory system (i.e., elderly age, diabetes, etc.) it is completely unnecessary.

6. The test-groups for every vaccine are very specific to very healthy people. That excludes those with allergies, auto-immune diseases and even plain-old sickness. Yet every child is expected to vaccinate on schedule. Some doctors will suggest you wait until your child doesn’t have a fever, but many don’t. Honestly, it’s almost laughable, the hypocrisy.

7. Likewise, there are no long-term studies. Even though there is an alarming correlation b/w young girls passing out and coincidentally being diagnosed with Guillian-Barre Syndrome, no one will admit that the long term reproductive consequence of Gardisil could be mind-bendingly dangerous. Check out VAERS. It’s all there.

8. You will never, ever EVER get 5 diseases at once. The two main ways you get things are through your nose or your mouth. Then you activate the Th1 system which sets off a complex chain for immunity. But injecting 5 (or 3 or whatever number, really) plus whatever other foreign agents, completely bypasses the Th1 and hyperactivates the Th2 system, which basically overwhelms the shit out of your body, trying to fight off all these things it would never get in a natural situation. NEVER.

9. The history of some of the vaccines is scary. It is a complex and money-making relationship with politics and pharma. I don’t think they’re out to get us, but I definitely and openly have real mistrust that they have my children’s best interest in mind. And the truth is, I think this God-complex trickles down to Pediatricians. (Note: This is a touchy subject that includes OBs, too. And I’m not suggesting everyone stop trusting their caregivers, I guarantee they know a whole helluva lot that I don’t. But I’m just gently suggesting that they are not infallible, or that the system from which they get their knowledge is possibly flawed or complicated, that’s all.)

10. The all-inclusive and mandatory schedule as it stands now is utterly ridiculous. Even if I’m reticent to correlate vaccines to ‘autism’ as I define it, I still think it’s truly dangerous to give that many shots (don’t fool yourself: the combo shots have to be counted individually, no matter the number of injections) to a growing baby with no blood-brain barrier. There’s going to have to be admission from someone that this is not working, it’s becoming increasingly obvious. I think that makes a lot of people on both sides nervous.

11. Aluminum is a really scary thing to me the more I learn. It should not be in your brain, no way, no how. This one thing alone is worth it to me until my kids are older or more is understood.

12. I’m not afraid of the diseases. I am familiar with how they present, and when to get medical help. I breastfeed, eat as organically as possible and try to give my kids the tools for a healthy immune system. We do what we think is best for our kids, and that’s what I’m doing, that’s all. I understand that people disagree with how strongly I feel, that’s totally fine. I respect everyone’s choice. I’m just (ahem, again) asking you do the research before you make the decision. You can always get the shots later, but you can’t ever take them back. 🙂