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(Which is what Jack dubbed my uncle’s house. Despite efforts to explain that Codoredo was a state just like Kansas, he insisted otherwise. We also ate at resronks, so whatever. Life is always more interesting in Jack-land.)

And I wish I could have some clever regaling of stories, but the truth is that this place is simply my utopia, and I don’t know how to explain it without bragging about its awesomeness. There are a lot of fun things to do (pool, hot tub, alpacas, batting cage, Rockband, basketball hoop, pool table etc..) but more than that there is the family that makes me laugh. And laugh we did, to the point where my abs were more sore than than my sport-playing arms. We visited a brewery with yummy beer. We went to Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods. We did the Zoo. We made many amazing meals and we drank stupid amounts of beer. Stupid amounts. Mostly we just played and spent time with loved ones.

It was awesome.

So, because I’m still tired, I’m going to post some pics and plug in a song. You can pretend you were there too. Cheers.

We decided to extend our trip a couple days, so we’re still in Colorado (and I still may not ever return). Pictures to come. 8)


Beyond that, the main reason for this post is THIS! Hot damn this is progress! Anita was the midwife who caught Lo, and I’m so happy for her and everyone else in the homebirth community. Really – this is huge, huge news.

So that’s it; we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled nonsense in a few days. Have a good weekend!

Yah hullo!!

Man I’m so jonesed to go home I’m already thinking in family jokes (this being tapping into the Swedish heritage for bad accents and jokes about Lutfisk). I have so much left to clean/pack/organize it’s ridiculous, but fear not – I have the Colorado playlist created and on the iPod, so obviously my priorities are straight. Sweet Mary I can’t wait to go home. I may not come back, and just live on my uncle’s property instead to be a ranch hand. Preferably behind one of those trees in the distance – in a yurt!

(Sigh. Ok, I’ll move on. I know this is not NEARLY as exciting to everyone else.)

So, on the job-front we have some updates. The company I tested with a few weeks ago (by the stadiums) decided in the end to close the position (sounds like they’re on the brink of some layoffs already, and I appreciate that they didn’t hire me for oh.. three weeks, before dumping me again). Unfortunately, the story I was itching to tell that day about the queen bee who reigned supreme behind her little desk/throne just doesn’t feel as worth it today. Let’s just say that that room was filled with some gossipy little hens, and I knew when I first stepped in I could never work in a place with people who were so bored in their jobs they discussed nail art, hair spray and popped up over the cube farm like meerkats whenever the bell jingled.

I have another meeting today with a recruiter about a job that’s closer – one that pays significantly less than the first job. BUT, it also sounds like a helluva lot less responsibility. And part of me wonders if it would be wise to not bite off more than I can chew if I do decide to get a tech writing position, for many reasons within and outside of a job. (Or that could just be my fear of failure nudging me.) Either way I’d be remiss to not check it out; it’s not like the economy’s booming with jobs currently.

I also got a call today (and then an email from a completely different company, which makes me a little skeptical) about a job so far away google map says it takes over an hour. Which means it probably takes an hour and a half. Before you consider traffic. So.. yeah. Probably not.

What I think is funny (or ironic? GOD, WHY CAN’T I UNDERSTAND WHAT IS IRONY AND NOT JUST COINCIDENTAL?!), is that one of the above jobs is for the USDA, and the other is for a freaking pesticide manufacturer. Like, I’d have to work in the science division that tests and creates pesticides. Surely I would not be popular at either place after, oh.. five minutes. Which is interesting, because it’s not like I have a moral block against those industries (well, much), but it sparked the question in me about how far I will go to separate a job as just a job vs intruding on my personal philosophies. I mean, I know writing training manuals or archiving material to an intranet is not really contributing to the ‘evils’ of pesticides. (It’s not the same thing as being a doula and then trying to go be an L&D nurse in a delivery room. Some do, and I am so thankful for them – they make awesome nurses. But I absolutely could not do it.)

Anywhoo. Just something for me to chew on since it’s fresh. No big deal.

OKAY, well that was written at 8:45 this morning, and now I’m seriously running out of time, so I’ll have to abruptly end with that train of thought. 😛

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Wish us safe travels!


We leave Sat. morning (YEEEHAW) but I’m hoping I’ll be able to write a real post tomorrow with concrete thoughts and ideas in it. No promises.

Today is mostly for those who subscribe to Google Reader. The stupid thing never shows the music I embed, so if I mention music (e.g., yesterday), there’s a high chance you could hear it if you just clicked to open the page. Also, it doesn’t update if I find a typo, so assume that whatever you read has already been fixed by my supreme editing skills. Snort.

(Damn Google. So close to perfect otherwise.)


More later, I have the remnants of a wicked sleep-deprived migraine.

(But woot Celtics, at least.)

(Or something like that. I can’t quite figure out what the official title is.)

Ok, so as another example of me being behind, this is one of those cool-people things that I was just introduced to this weekend. And whooeee was it worth the wait. Those of you at work? Turn it down and lean in close if you have to. This. Clip. Rocks. (I’ll put the lyrics underneath.)

This gal has a following, and actually tours. Love it.

Wick wicky wicky wack
On the way to the club we pass a Dairy Queen
You stop cause it you know it means so much to me
We take the back seats out of your mini van
Now we roll like a hummer or a full size sedan
Now park this thing real close to the club
And feel free to break out the golden lady rug
And hold my hand when we approach the bouncer
I don’t wanna look like a hungry camp counselor
Cause this is how we go out
In my town roll down the windows
Let Reba crack the bass
Wave to the hot pocket people with the smiles on they’re face
Waiting and wanting just a good time on the dance floor
Shake it if you wanna hear more
Stomp once to hear Britney
Now twice for Beyonce
Now three times if you wanna hear me get nasty (girl get nasty)

All I wanna do is the ziga-zig ahh
A little louder now cause I can’t hear yea
You get me hotter than a stick a hot glue
And I’m scrapbooking everything we do
Ring ring ring- that’s my cell
Bring the bling when I sing of course I will
Hand it to me to get the people shocked
Myspaced by my lovers can you hear my beat talken
It says I love you
I arrive looking good and thankfully
My pants do stretch which allow me to be
Free on the dance floor but not a cheap date
I poured the body glitter on cause I never hesitate
Now my master plan is to shock then tease
Break ever heart than bust my knees
Proven and groven my brand new dance
Might just be the greatest in the lands
Then the crowd says ahhhhhh when I do my scissor kicks
Then the crowd screams ohhhhh when I do my lady flips
It’s two o’clock and the club is closed
Everyone’s heading home
I’ll see you next weekend
Then I get a tip about a party
Three blocks away

Having a blog is sometimes not unlike a diary (for some of us more than others), but mostly it’s an almost-daily calendar filler. What we’ve done, what’s happening in the world, who snotted where, blahblahblah. Sometimes it’s a chance to flex some narrative creativity – and those are my favorite posts, personally – but mostly it’s a happy presentation with moments of rawness written for catharsis. It’s been a year since I jumped to WordPress, and every once in a while, I re-read old stuff out of boredom. I generally stay away from the autism tags, but today I was shocked to discover how.. foreign.. it was to read the posts from last year. They seemed new to me, as if I couldn’t relate.

(Maybe I’ve got incredibly premature dementia. Which, I think I’ve seen a news report actually call that momnesia. Which is so irritating. Why does everything have to have some cutsie name – especially within motherhood? Whatever, I digress.)

Anyway, I found this one from last summer. Wow. I mean, of course I remember that, and yet it seems like eons ago. We still have communication issues (he answered a question about power lines with “fo shizzle my dizzle” last week) but NOTHING like we did then. And in honesty it hurts to read some of the old posts about autism, because it’s always in retrospect that I realize how survival-mode we were (are) in. But, I know it’s important for me to do, because I need the reminder of how far we’ve come. Yes, he still makes my eyeballs roll around in my head with his incessant (perserverating, nonstop, never ending and REALLY LOUD) chatter, but hell, today’s chatter is nothing compared to last year’s, and in a year it will have changed again. Most parents are sad about that; I’m rejoicing. That’s progress, after all.

And if I’m going to be even more honest, the truth is that his success is all him. I circle him to give him a safety wall to bounce off of, but his growth is all him. He’s developed astronomically this past year – with school, social situations, potty learning, reading/writing – and he has had to do it with an inherent roadblock of incomprehension, inability to communicate and bouts of severe anxiety.

As hard as this is for us, it has to be even harder for him, and I forget that a lot.

So I just wanted to give him some quick (and mom-cheesy, if not still legit) props, for all the times I’ve muttered (or yelled) how much I hate autism. Because really, I can’t. Without autism – and all its frustrations – I wouldn’t have Jack. And this kid is amazing. He’s stubborn and strong and more resilient than me most days.

Keep on keepin’ on, little man. I love you.

Courtesy of friends of friends and this site. It’s always more surreal when you know the places, I think.

(Click to see them larger – the details are fascinating.)

And again, the good news is that the Sig Ep house survived ..but the Wind Erosion lab didn’t.

(I know. That shouldn’t be funny. But c’mon, it is. Admit it.)

I’m in a very happy (but calm) mood today. After Jon left for work, Jack crawled in bed with me and Lorelei, and let us rest peacefully for 4 whole minutes before he started laughing maniacally. Usually I would turn into Grendel’s mother at that point (so does that make Jack Grendel?), but today when he asked if he could have cereal I just serenely rested my hand on his head and said – I kid you not – Yes, my child.

And no, I’ve never taken Ecstasy.

So.. Let’s see. Today feels like Friday. It’s not, but that’s always a good feeling, no? Lots of rain, that makes me happy. Leaving for CO in T-minus 9 days, and I am STUPIDLY EXCITED. I love me some mountains (not to mention my family), and to go home is restorative beyond measure for me. We’re going to hit up some Red Rocks, and hope the kids run up and down the stairs until they pass out.

(photo courtesy of onemansblog)

Jealous? Eh? You should be. I don’t know how anyone can stand in that kind of awe-inspiring beauty and not think there is something greater than us out there. 😉

Switching gears, Jamie posted a video that made my water go up my nose when I snorted in laughter. And yes, yes, yes, I know it’s never as satirically simple as it’s presented, but damn it’s funny. This is the first election where I’m actually gleefully rubbing my hands together in anticipation. (Look at me, all growns up!)

The only sad note today is that apparently there was a tornado at K-State. Some damage to the campus, though Aggieville and the Sig Eps were saved. (Uh, yay? ..I KEED!) Seriously, apparently it was a mean one for the area, and the residents are in my prayers. I think tornadoes are fascinating, but I bet I wouldn’t that so much if my home were annihilated.

I’ll end with another cool song I was introduced to this morning. This is ‘My Only Swerving’ by El Ten Eleven. This is one guitarist looping over himself multiple times. Check out the youtube, it’s pretty cool to watch.


Considering I drive a mid-size SUV. But it still made me laugh thinking of all the Hummers around here who must be spending stupid amounts to drive around and look cool.

Ahh schadenfraude, I’ll take you however I can..



(Fear not. He said it two more times before we left, in case the new arrivals missed it the first time.)

Love. That. Kid.

Had a shocking realization today while watching some Sigur Ros on Youtube that maybe they are equally (if not more) talented than my beloved Radiohead.

I mean. It’s such a phenomenally amazing song; it’s unequivocal.

But I love Radiohead.

..mind.. warping.. head.. hurts..

So my friend Rachel hit the nail when she said that the more you know people are reading your blog, the more you begin to (subconsciously or not) edit yourself. As usual with that wise woman, I find this to be true with me. I have a whole lot to talk about… and nothing I can talk about. Because I’m smack in the middle of some life changes, I don’t have a lot I can share. Surely everyone understands that. But if you have any magical advice on when/if to get a full-time job, how to transition for child care, autism, marriage, money or friendships, please send it along posthaste. Kthanks.

So, that said.. Hi! Here’s some more filler! Keep coming back until I can share the worthwhile thoughts again!

Cool story in the sports world, and the props are still long overdue.

Interesting (and sort of seizure-inducing) splice of McCain’s awkward speech.

And finally, a song (Modern Leper) by a group (Frightened Rabbit) that I’ve come to love. They were in town last week, but I found out one day too late.


No matter, it’s still a great song. I hope your weekend is as fun-filled as ours will be, and I’ll be back later.



**ETA: Fixed the song finally.

No shit.

(But thanks for the announcement.)

So my first appt with this potential company was just some testing. And I had a relatively eventful experience with all of it that I was already internally blogging about while driving home (something I fill my thinking-time with often, along with creating dance routines ala Girls Just Want to Have Fun, to be completely honest) when it hit me that.. uh… maybe it wouldn’t be wise to do, y’know?

So I’ll just smile and say I look forward to the interview.

But I CAN tell you that in the 5 years I’ve been out of the professional loop, I’d forgotten just how much congested traffic pisses me off. For those in KC, the company is located PAST THE STADIUMS, so it’s a freaking haul from my house. And the worst is that I encountered all local driving stereotypes rolled into one: a tail-riding Range Rover with blue plates. And as we rounded 435 E to N, I was having to use all my willpower not to slam on my brakes. I didn’t, partially because I’m trying to grow up and not get shot as a result of road rage, but mostly because I didn’t have time for a wreck. So he zoomed past me, I single-saluted him, and I went back to choreographing Outkast.

A few minutes later I saw a motorcycle cop on the side of the road openly gunning all of us. And as per usual I yelled SHIT and tapped the brakes. I do that instinctively, regardless of where I am or how fast I’m going. I just assume I’m speeding, because the vast majority of the time I am. And in fact I was going 77 in a 65. I hadn’t purposely gone 12 over, but I hadn’t bothered to figure out what the limit was, either. So knowing I was tagged, I waited to see the other cop. Sure enough, I saw him pull out ahead and start to slow down (me sighing in resignation) right about the time I saw him flip the lights. Turns out he wasn’t getting me after all.

He wanted my good buddy the Range Rover.

Ahhhh sweet, sweet justice.

And that’s my story. Not very worthy of a blog post, I know, but if I can’t tell you about Queen Bee yet, this’ll have to do. The job title is IT Systems Analyst/QA, but really it’s tech writing with some QA thrown in. I’m apprehensive, but excited. Keep sending good vibes and prayers, grazie.

I’ll write about my heart breaking thinking about the kids in daycare full time later; I need to wake up Uno so he’s not up all night.

Ciao amici.



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