I’m in a very happy (but calm) mood today. After Jon left for work, Jack crawled in bed with me and Lorelei, and let us rest peacefully for 4 whole minutes before he started laughing maniacally. Usually I would turn into Grendel’s mother at that point (so does that make Jack Grendel?), but today when he asked if he could have cereal I just serenely rested my hand on his head and said – I kid you not – Yes, my child.

And no, I’ve never taken Ecstasy.

So.. Let’s see. Today feels like Friday. It’s not, but that’s always a good feeling, no? Lots of rain, that makes me happy. Leaving for CO in T-minus 9 days, and I am STUPIDLY EXCITED. I love me some mountains (not to mention my family), and to go home is restorative beyond measure for me. We’re going to hit up some Red Rocks, and hope the kids run up and down the stairs until they pass out.

(photo courtesy of onemansblog)

Jealous? Eh? You should be. I don’t know how anyone can stand in that kind of awe-inspiring beauty and not think there is something greater than us out there. 😉

Switching gears, Jamie posted a video that made my water go up my nose when I snorted in laughter. And yes, yes, yes, I know it’s never as satirically simple as it’s presented, but damn it’s funny. This is the first election where I’m actually gleefully rubbing my hands together in anticipation. (Look at me, all growns up!)

The only sad note today is that apparently there was a tornado at K-State. Some damage to the campus, though Aggieville and the Sig Eps were saved. (Uh, yay? ..I KEED!) Seriously, apparently it was a mean one for the area, and the residents are in my prayers. I think tornadoes are fascinating, but I bet I wouldn’t that so much if my home were annihilated.

I’ll end with another cool song I was introduced to this morning. This is ‘My Only Swerving’ by El Ten Eleven. This is one guitarist looping over himself multiple times. Check out the youtube, it’s pretty cool to watch.