(Or something like that. I can’t quite figure out what the official title is.)

Ok, so as another example of me being behind, this is one of those cool-people things that I was just introduced to this weekend. And whooeee was it worth the wait. Those of you at work? Turn it down and lean in close if you have to. This. Clip. Rocks. (I’ll put the lyrics underneath.)

This gal has a following, and actually tours. Love it.

Wick wicky wicky wack
On the way to the club we pass a Dairy Queen
You stop cause it you know it means so much to me
We take the back seats out of your mini van
Now we roll like a hummer or a full size sedan
Now park this thing real close to the club
And feel free to break out the golden lady rug
And hold my hand when we approach the bouncer
I don’t wanna look like a hungry camp counselor
Cause this is how we go out
In my town roll down the windows
Let Reba crack the bass
Wave to the hot pocket people with the smiles on they’re face
Waiting and wanting just a good time on the dance floor
Shake it if you wanna hear more
Stomp once to hear Britney
Now twice for Beyonce
Now three times if you wanna hear me get nasty (girl get nasty)

All I wanna do is the ziga-zig ahh
A little louder now cause I can’t hear yea
You get me hotter than a stick a hot glue
And I’m scrapbooking everything we do
Ring ring ring- that’s my cell
Bring the bling when I sing of course I will
Hand it to me to get the people shocked
Myspaced by my lovers can you hear my beat talken
It says I love you
I arrive looking good and thankfully
My pants do stretch which allow me to be
Free on the dance floor but not a cheap date
I poured the body glitter on cause I never hesitate
Now my master plan is to shock then tease
Break ever heart than bust my knees
Proven and groven my brand new dance
Might just be the greatest in the lands
Then the crowd says ahhhhhh when I do my scissor kicks
Then the crowd screams ohhhhh when I do my lady flips
It’s two o’clock and the club is closed
Everyone’s heading home
I’ll see you next weekend
Then I get a tip about a party
Three blocks away