Yah hullo!!

Man I’m so jonesed to go home I’m already thinking in family jokes (this being tapping into the Swedish heritage for bad accents and jokes about Lutfisk). I have so much left to clean/pack/organize it’s ridiculous, but fear not – I have the Colorado playlist created and on the iPod, so obviously my priorities are straight. Sweet Mary I can’t wait to go home. I may not come back, and just live on my uncle’s property instead to be a ranch hand. Preferably behind one of those trees in the distance – in a yurt!

(Sigh. Ok, I’ll move on. I know this is not NEARLY as exciting to everyone else.)

So, on the job-front we have some updates. The company I tested with a few weeks ago (by the stadiums) decided in the end to close the position (sounds like they’re on the brink of some layoffs already, and I appreciate that they didn’t hire me for oh.. three weeks, before dumping me again). Unfortunately, the story I was itching to tell that day about the queen bee who reigned supreme behind her little desk/throne just doesn’t feel as worth it today. Let’s just say that that room was filled with some gossipy little hens, and I knew when I first stepped in I could never work in a place with people who were so bored in their jobs they discussed nail art, hair spray and popped up over the cube farm like meerkats whenever the bell jingled.

I have another meeting today with a recruiter about a job that’s closer – one that pays significantly less than the first job. BUT, it also sounds like a helluva lot less responsibility. And part of me wonders if it would be wise to not bite off more than I can chew if I do decide to get a tech writing position, for many reasons within and outside of a job. (Or that could just be my fear of failure nudging me.) Either way I’d be remiss to not check it out; it’s not like the economy’s booming with jobs currently.

I also got a call today (and then an email from a completely different company, which makes me a little skeptical) about a job so far away google map says it takes over an hour. Which means it probably takes an hour and a half. Before you consider traffic. So.. yeah. Probably not.

What I think is funny (or ironic? GOD, WHY CAN’T I UNDERSTAND WHAT IS IRONY AND NOT JUST COINCIDENTAL?!), is that one of the above jobs is for the USDA, and the other is for a freaking pesticide manufacturer. Like, I’d have to work in the science division that tests and creates pesticides. Surely I would not be popular at either place after, oh.. five minutes. Which is interesting, because it’s not like I have a moral block against those industries (well, much), but it sparked the question in me about how far I will go to separate a job as just a job vs intruding on my personal philosophies. I mean, I know writing training manuals or archiving material to an intranet is not really contributing to the ‘evils’ of pesticides. (It’s not the same thing as being a doula and then trying to go be an L&D nurse in a delivery room. Some do, and I am so thankful for them – they make awesome nurses. But I absolutely could not do it.)

Anywhoo. Just something for me to chew on since it’s fresh. No big deal.

OKAY, well that was written at 8:45 this morning, and now I’m seriously running out of time, so I’ll have to abruptly end with that train of thought. 😛

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Wish us safe travels!