(I really shouldn’t become a professional writer. Who gets writer’s block for a freaking BLOG?)

Hmm. Let’s see. Random thoughts in no order:

  • Happy birthday again, Sammy-me-love. Hope you and your beautiful wife had a great weekend.
  • I am so excited for this I’m giddy. I think I might try the IMAX. I read a cool article in Wired that talked about Christopher Nolan’s ideas on it all, and I think it’ll kick ass. RIP, Heath. I hope if you get an Oscar nod/win, that it’s for the right reasons.
  • Went to the T-Bones game this weekend. Such a fun (and cheap!) alternative to the Royals. Would be great for a date, or with the whole fam.
  • Into Andrew Bird lately. Here’s Skin, Is My
  • We visited my great-uncle this weekend, and I couldn’t stop looking at the huge folder on the back of his front door that said clearly “FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE REV. FRANCIS – DNR”. I mean, I wholeheartedly respect his wishes, and given that he’s uh, significantly older and not in the best of health, I think it’s not unwise to do that – especially if you’re a priest. But still. How incredibly macabre is that to have DNR staring at you all day? Ugh. Sorry. I don’t mean to sound glib. It was just incredibly disconcerting..
  • Jack’s newest word is ‘disgusting’ (disgussing, really). He likes to call everything disgusting – from water on the concrete to the dog taking a nap to his carrots. We need to work on it a bit, methinks.
  • Still looking to get rid off the asshat cat. Any takers now that he’s all fixed up? Eh? EH?
  • Lately Lorelei likes to sit on your lap and while innocently staring at you with big brown eyes leans in and tries to pluck your eyelashes off. Sweet girl, this one.

Well, I think that’s about all the brainpower I have today. I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Feel free to tell me what you did – miss you out-of-towners!