Worth mentioning, I promise. The last time I attempted oatmeal cookies I messed up, surprisingly, and they were bland concrete discs. I seemed to remember that it was b/c I didn’t have an ingredient I needed (or substituted a different sweetener that didn’t bake as well, who knows) so this time I made sure to – wait for it – plan ahead. I looked online for a ‘thin and crispy’ recipe and rounded up the kids for help. After lots of spoon licking and one-in-the-mouth-two-in-the-bowl raisin distribution, the cookies ended up fat and chewy instead. But they taste good, so I’ll take it. I’ve now graduated 1st grade cooking class.

[Total tangent: Let’s take a gander at Brandi’s post, which had the desired effect of making the cookie come back up just a little in my mouth. You’re a clever girl – wait, I mean old lady – but I would like to submit this as an equal entry. (Bring on the Sinbad, H.Pimp.)]

So, how is everyone? Jon’s going out of town next week for a work lake trip (rough, ain’t it?) and so this weekend was completely Jen-centric. On Friday I went to a country concert with my friend Tami.

I don’t listen to country, so the bands themselves were innocuous mostly. But after a couple hours in the sun, the beer began to soften the shock of all the mullets, rebel flags and ill-fitting jeans. And don’t get me wrong, I have a long-standing love for some of my college cowboy friends, but most of the people at this concert were.. uh..

Well it was fun hanging out with Tami. 😉


Saturday I went for coffee with the girls I’m friends with on the cul-de-sac. I’m glad I made it this month because I’ve missed many of our summer Driveway Drinks recently. I’ve just been a hermit, and it was good to catch up. My good friend across the street had her baby while we were in CO, and I finally got to see him. I LOVE squishy little newborns.

Last night I went to a birthday party with Megatron, and later we met up with her friends – one of whom I knew because he used to work with Jon. KC is so much smaller than you think, I swear.

(I know the angle is dizzying. It’s worse the other direction. I have no idea how this picture was taken.)

Finally, after some cuddly time with the halflings today, we’re going to meet up another family for dinner tonight. And including some overdue phone calls, this has been a really happy weekend for me. I need people almost as much as air, and I know that If I don’t get my head out of my arse and start keeping up my friendships, I’ll lose them. So those of you who think you’re in that camp, hear me say I know that. Playdates, emails and phone calls will be forthcoming, I promise.

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.