Ever have so much going on that you feel like you just don’t have the energy to explain any of it?

Hmm let’s see. I’m week two-ish of the Wellbutrin, and I’m feeling some side effects, for sure. I noticed some rushes of extreme frustration/aggression/irritability that would lash out during illogical times. I know my temper, and the triggers for it. And these swift reactions were so out of place it only took a day or two to attribute it to the meds. I also have had a couple periods where I felt everything heightened to the point where it was almost manic. Not quite jittery, and not necessarily happy, just.. extreme. So I looked up the side effects and sure enough these are rare, but listed. It also said that caffeine can exacerbate the symptoms, which might explain a lot. (Note to self: Do not take pill with morning vat of coffee.) I’m going to take it for at least this month, and discuss with my midwife if it doesn’t change.

Speaking of midwives, I had the idea to rant about a situation happening in KC, but the truth is, I’m too tired and sort of sad about the whole thing, and don’t have the usual piss-and-vinegar needed to spew some awesome rhetoric. Last year sometime a DO started a practice with a local professional midwife (i.e., one who has hospital rights, as opposed to just a lay midwife not recognized) and it has been a true blessing to the city. They are amazing women (I knew the midwife b/c she taught my doula conference a few years ago and the DO is a former Bradley teacher. Both have had homebirths.) and they are one of the few care providers in KC who trust that women can actually make informed decisions about their own bodies and birth. Apparently, there was an internal hospital complaint about a homebirth transfer the DO attended – that ended with healthy baby and mama, I might add – and consequently she and the midwife’s privileges have been temporarily revoked.

To say this whole thing SCREAMS of political bullshit is an understatement.

These women represented the best scenario thus far of bridging the world of home and hospital births. They are trying to compromise in a business that is already ridiculously illogical, and revoking their privileges is not only a freaking obvious witch hunt, but it’s cruel to the dozens of mamas due, y’know, today. There was a pretty big public outcry, so the hospital announced an emergency meeting to ‘discuss’ the problem, but the damage, so to speak, has already been done. Anyway, it’s just stupidly sad and unnecessary. Grrr it pisses me off to think about it so I’ll just move on.

So I got a job! Huzzah! It’s not the highest hourly rate I probably could earn at this point, but it’s blocks from the house, really laid-back, I don’t have to go and buy a whole new wardrobe and I get to work with a friend. Plus, they’re flexible with me wanting to work part-time so I can transition the kids. I’m excited to start, though I’m feeling incredibly stressed about finding a day care and Jack starting Kindy next week and figuring out the bus schedule and all of that lovely stuff. 🙂 Regardless, this is good. In other news, finally finished the second-round of academic work for Bradley, and hopefully (HOPEFULLY) I’ll be cleared soon to start provisionally teaching. I haven’t done much in the last year with this passion, and I think it will be awesome for me right now, financially and just personally. Pregnancy and birth and babies are da bomb.

[THAT SAID, I am checking the twitter every couple hours, Mist. I’m trying to be patient, but boy howdy am I anxiously awaiting peanut’s arrival.]

Ok. I think that’s all I can think of for now. We have friends coming over to go swimming, so I should go anyway. Happy Thursday everyone!