So Friday was K-day. Jack had his shoes on at 9:30 that morning, and by 11:00 had brought me mine. He was almost vibrating with excitement. He galloped around the kitchen, and Lo happily galloped behind him, both singing Today we go to Kindergarten! Today we go to Kindergarten!

(Well, you know Lo’s singing was unintelligible, but you could catch the drift.)

The following is the requisite first day picture. Alas, no Tinkerbell lunch box, b/c there is no need for it yet. But don’t think he didn’t try to convince me to use that instead of his backpack. (Lo apparently served as unofficial sherpa. Or maybe she thought we were headed back to Codoredo due to Jack’s excitement that morning. Either way she doesn’t usually leave the house with everything from her bed.)

As a way to transition to class and edge out the parents, the kids were supposed to glue a line on their names and stick pieces of cut-up colored squares to it. Part of Jack’s OT this year will be fine motor control, because he does have a tendency to either barely hold onto something or just squeeze the shit out of it. (Poor Oscar.) Tandy, his teacher, came by and tried to suggest dots after seeing his J, but Jack disagreed, and asked for the bottle back. Thus, BLAT, glue was everywhere. The kleenex in the picture was because he had drug his arm through it twice already. This is all in the first 3 minutes of getting to school. When we left Jack had squeezed out easily a fourth of the bottle of glue.

Godspeed, Tandy.

And that’s about it. My sweet fartknocker is officially school-aged. I am equally sad, and also wanting to dance on the table. Of course Kindy is a bittersweet rite of passage for everyone, but after the summer we’ve had, I think right now the table wins. I’ve said before that despite whatever instinctive philosophies I may have, the truth is, he needs structured school, and what it can provide that I can’t. I was reminded again that having all the love in the world isn’t necessarily enough, and I’m eternally grateful for what a blessing this school (and staff and kids and parents) has been for us. He is sincerely loved there, and everyone is doing everything possible to foster his happiness and learning potential. And really, what more could I ask for?

When he’s happy I’m happy.

Godspeed, Jacoby.