Welp, my ability to come up with post ideas has officially dried up methinks. The only interesting thing I can think to say is that I need to get a day planner, b/c I actually have a ‘schedule’ now. Things are falling into place at work, the kids are falling into place at our daycare lady, we’re hitting a groove with the bus and therapy and kindy, and… that’s it.

I can say that I am (secretly and guiltily) excited to come home every day to a relatively clean house. It’s amazing how even someone who would never call themselves a neat-freak feels peace at things not looking like a tornado ripped through. My time management has clicked into place, and I feel like I did in college when I was on the crew team and had to plan ahead for things like laundry and term papers and even showering to be honest (hence my feeling like I want a day planner – though not for showering, obviously). I’m one of those who need structure and deadlines to be the most efficient.

I enjoy my 10 minute drive listening to music – that is probably in my top-three favorite things to do – and the busy work I do at the office. It’s literally mindless paper and computer work, but it’s sweet relief because there is ZERO pressure for me. I can wear jeans and flip flops and a hat (and often do) and the ladies I work with are funny and easy to get along with – which is good considering we’re crowded into a room that should not have 4 desks, a copier, two printers and three file cabinets. I like it.

[There is however a micromanaging bosshole currently skulking around since we’re getting ready to move buildings, but he’ll lose interest again and go back to hoarding his dollar bills eventually. Have I mentioned my feelings for this guy yet? Huh. Remind me to tell you someday..]

Today was the very first day my heart broke, though. Lo was tired, so when I pulled into the driveway of our daycare lady’s house, she burst into tears. I cuddled with her when we got inside, and she was happy again in two minutes flat – waving over her shoulder to me as she ran off – but it was enough to tap into the guilt all parents (though truthfully mamas more, I honestly believe) feel when you’re leaving your child for someone else to care for. And I know that it’s only for like.. 5 hours a day. And that she loves the gal and the kids at the house, and she’s old enough and ready for a preschool-type environment. But I chose to stay home initially to avoid this very sadness. So, I bawled like a moron for a bit on the way to work, got it out of my system, and went about my day. And considering how well my kids have taken the transition like champs, I know that that’s getting off easy. Shrug.

Besides, she’s been there a little over a week and the other little girls there have all-but potty trained her. And our day care lady (I hate to minimize her by not giving her a name, so I think I’ll start calling her Day Care Goddess in lieu of that, for pronoun props.) is an awesome mother who serves organic food and doesn’t bat at an eye at my crunchy leanings or autistic child. She’s the bomb.

And.. that’s it. I’m reading a couple books, am almost finished with the show Extras (if you liked the British Office check it out) and am enjoying the changes going on for the most part. Here’s a beautiful Ani song called “Both Hands”  I’ve apparently had in iTunes forever and never knew it. It’s my song d’jour.<3

Ciao and happy Monday!