Huh. So this is the song I half-way thought about posting for the YTT installment I obviously didn’t do this week. It’s ‘Fake Empire’ by The National, and is easily in my Top 10 (of all time, perhaps). Such cool tempo changes and trumpets and piano and drums and stuff.

Anyhoo, reading Jamie’s blog today introduced me to the video below, which, happily, has my song in the background. I don’t think it’s nearly as cool as the will. i. am video, but regardless, it’s timely.

Therefore, tadow, we have two lazy (and unoriginal!) posts in one. 😛

Hope your weekend is well, friends. I’m headed to another float trip, but this time the weather will be a balmy… 70 degrees, so I’m curious how the river will feel this time. Good times, though, surely.