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  • Interesting story postulating that global warming is irreversible. The comments at the bottom are equally as fascinating; I’d love to have a roundtable with some Christians I know..
  • Speaking of, Anne Rice has had a conversion back to her Catholic roots.
  • So Brain Age said I was like.. 78? Yeah, well, suckit, Nintendo. I knew I was smarter than your silly little game.
  • Two very thought-provoking films I’ve seen recently were Milk and Business of Being Born. Would love to have a discussion with anyone about the social issues they encompass.
  • Reading this and digging it; lurve Chuck Klosterman.
  • The song “Count Souvenirs” by Junior Boys has been on repeat lately. It’s awesomely Depeche Mode-y.


That’s all. Stay warm, friends~ .

I’ll probably be MIA for a wee bit; I got that jobby-job I mentioned before, recruiting volunteer donations for charity benefits. It’s.. um.. well, my co-workers are nice and it’s a paycheck. Last week I was hung up on by a postpubescent teenager, and had a Dr. Schawing on my list. That’s right.. Scha-wing. Four times I tried to call this guy before I gave up b/c all semblance of professionalism flew out the window and I couldn’t stop snickering.

There’s more, but it’ll have to wait. Methinks this experience will make a great narrative that I’ll title Things I’ve Overheard While Waiting For A Bathroom Break Like I Was In First Grade Again: “Hi, may I speak to NorMANDY? Oh..  it’s pronounced Normandy? Huh. That’s cool, I’ve never heard that before..”

Anyway, I saw it had been a week since I posted, so I felt obligated to at least tell you that my absence isn’t purposeful, and I won’t neglect you forever, I promise. Eventually I’ll have lots o’ things to talk about again.


So today I was driving when I passed Kurt Vonnegut in a Lincoln Town Car. He had bushy hair and sunglasses, and when he looked over, he nodded at me while he tapped the ash of his cigarette out the window. My first reaction was not celebrity excitement, oddly, but a contentedness that this was a guy whose writing and philosophies I really dig, and a nod seemed like a blessing of some sort – in my fantasy literary world it seemed wholly apropos for Vonnegut to do that. So it was pretty jarring to suddenly remember he’s not actually living anymore; all the more sad considering I would love to know what he thought of the current happenings in the world. Shrug. I think I’ll pretend it was him anyway.

On a similar note, all weekend Jack was talking about how at school his teachers discussed it being the old man’s birthday today. He spoke in the present tense but I couldn’t seem to suss out from his nonsensicalness who he was talking about. Finally, it dawned on me and I asked if he meant Martin Luther King.

Yes, he said, Martin the King. I want to wish him a happy birthday.

So, happy birthday Martin the King, from Jack. This day seems especially prescient given the history that will be made tomorrow – something that surely wouldn’t have happened this way without you – and my kindergartner wants you to know you’re in his thoughts.

Altogether pretty cool, methinks.

1. Jack is ebbing again, in that he’s being a TOTAL PAIN IN MY ASS the last few days. I love him with a ferocity I’ve never known was possible – I know I’ve mentioned that – but he is the single most contrary human I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending every waking moment with. He argues when he wants something. He argues when he doesn’t want something. He argues if he feels something is unjust or unfun or just for fun.

He argues when he agrees with you. I’m really not kidding.

And it’s hard, because I know he’s not even always unhappy when he does it. Sure, he reacts to the stress he senses around him, but I think in part it’s his natural personality from.. erm.. grandparental bloodlines, and also as residual habit from when he first was navigating social interaction altogether. He is not a natural cuddler, but wants attention (as everyone does) so pressing everyone’s buttons around him ensures a modicum of it. I get it.

Regardless, he’s driving me nuts and I’m not in an awesome place with my autism parenting right now. It will pass, like every phase has, but one of us might not make it out unscathed from this one, that’s all I’m sayin’..

2. Lo has discovered the joys of whining. To which I say really, karma? REALLY?

3. I was shown an article today about a local newscaster’s wife being paralyzed by the flu vaccine – and the subsequent trial in vaccine court. This one’s particularly fascinating to me as someone who has such an aversion to the propaganda every year, it’s nauseating.

4.  Here’s a follow-up article telling that the Neo-Nazi family has had their children taken away by social services. I know we all had a nice pat-on-our-back rant about why they probably are d-bags, but I sincerely hope those kids needed to be yanked for legitimate reasons, and not because of the limelight they were in. Three and under. Oy. That’s so very little to be away from their parents, it breaks my heart.

5.  Saw Gran Torino last weekend. Hmm.  It was on many people’s Best Of lists, and my friend Justin really liked it, so I’ll just say I must have missed something. .. Both times I watched it.

6. My back is at about 90% at this point, which is relieving. Now I just need to go back to the gym, because despite herculean efforts to not eat the bagel with cream cheese that’s calling to me, the scale is reflecting my absence.

7.  It’s 2°.  Four hours ago it was 1°.  Toasty!

Isn’t it great to be perpetually 29?


Hope you have a great day!

(As a preamble to this ambling ramble.)

So I have a job interview on Monday for a temp position for a national charity foundation. They have an upcoming fundraiser with those mock jails where people agree to be ‘arrested’ so others donate money for their bail. I call and try to convince people to be arrested at their jobs or homes. No idea if I will be persuasive, but consider yourselves forewarned that I WILL be bringing in my personal address book. I am so not kidding.

Also, I’m bordering on being serious when I wonder if my normally-developing, rarely sick and chubby cheeked daughter has a crazy oral fixation, or, well.. pica.


Anyone have ideas?

So the following account for yesterday’s Google search hits:


kids n . aked


converse smell

funny sings

ksu basketball

spring card

purple high heels

anyone else but you youtube

christopher kennedy, mortgage, colorado

play violin avatar lady

what to do when your parents find your p

mumbi terror attack seesay

toothpaste for dinner where is my coffee

leopard cage

dog bite

Hm. I’m certain I’ve never written the word Mumb(a)i; there are some sick, sick people out there and I, too, am curious what to do when your parents find your p… heh.

1. My back hurts. I either pulled a muscle that will heal or I herniated a disk and am slowly dying a painful and hunched-over death. Ibuprofen and ice help, so I’ll assume I’ll live.

2. I’m getting very grumpy about finding a job. I don’t know what’s worse: no bites or being strung along and then told the job has been frozen due to the economy.

3. I watched the movie The Wrestler and highly suggest it. I dig Darren Aronofsky and give him (as everyone else has) mad props for eliciting a phenomenal performance from an historically creepy Mickey Rourke.

4. I  finished Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods and also recommend it. Partially because it was a reminder for me of camping as a kid, but mostly because the book is guffaw funny in many parts. Really. Like quietquiet BRUAHAHASNORT quietquiet kind of reading. Plus he sneaks in some history before you’ve even realized it. Clever fella, this guy.

5. My kids crack me up. Recently we started a game that goes as follows:

Me (to kids):  Guess what?

Kids: What?

Me: I love you!

Yeah, I know, it’s a happy loving cheesefest. Well, then one day, unaware that the game had been created, Jon answered ‘chicken butt’ to Jack’s initial question. A totally acceptable instinctive response from a child of the 80s. Unfortunately, the introduction of that kind of out-of-the-box thinking has gotten us to this stage:

Jack: Guess what?

Me: What?

Jack: There are birds flying out the window.


Lorelei: Guess what?

Me: What?


6. Speaking of my kids, I really don’t know which direction this plays out in the ‘What’s Grosser Than Gross’ game. The fact that last week Jack was riotously laughing about being able to continually dig a booger out of his nose, or that every time Lo  – without second thought or awareness that this could be a game – would calmly lean over and slurp it right off.


Sigh. Future Prom royalty, those two. I just know it.



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