I’ll probably be MIA for a wee bit; I got that jobby-job I mentioned before, recruiting volunteer donations for charity benefits. It’s.. um.. well, my co-workers are nice and it’s a paycheck. Last week I was hung up on by a postpubescent teenager, and had a Dr. Schawing on my list. That’s right.. Scha-wing. Four times I tried to call this guy before I gave up b/c all semblance of professionalism flew out the window and I couldn’t stop snickering.

There’s more, but it’ll have to wait. Methinks this experience will make a great narrative that I’ll title Things I’ve Overheard While Waiting For A Bathroom Break Like I Was In First Grade Again: “Hi, may I speak to NorMANDY? Oh..  it’s pronounced Normandy? Huh. That’s cool, I’ve never heard that before..”

Anyway, I saw it had been a week since I posted, so I felt obligated to at least tell you that my absence isn’t purposeful, and I won’t neglect you forever, I promise. Eventually I’ll have lots o’ things to talk about again.