The shitty cold-calling-scheduled-bathroom-break-having-irritated-caller-screaming temp job is over. Did I mention I was miserable there? Huh.

Next the staffing agency directed me toward a company that brokers freight transport for the DoD. From my long and somewhat whirlwindy interview I can surmise (at this point) that it will be at worst a livable salary, and at best an opportunity to be making some serious commission in the coming year. Sounds vague, I know, but I want to get a feel for it all before I explain further.

The best part is that I get my own freaking office. With a door! And a window! You have no idea how many steps up that is from a week ago when I was sitting roughly 3 inches from a gal whose chair collapsed in the middle of a phone call. Support your local (or national) charities, folks. Good times.


Anyway, cross your fingers for me; this could be the break I need to use my yapping skills as a living.