Here’s the truth. For weeks now I’ve been trying to think about how to discuss a topic that is ready to be announced, but in proportion to the complexity of the whole thing, I’ve come to realize there is no simple way to announce that Jon and I are divorcing.  Even typing and reading the word is hard, despite that this has been going on for over a year, and much of the pain of it has already been absorbed. (Well. As much as can be at this point, I think.) And I only mention it now because out of respect for Jon and the kids, I’ve only blogged about maybe a third of what’s really been happening in my life in the last several months, and I’m ready to have the freedom to talk about more.

That said, this won’t become an outlet where I bash Jon. I respect him now as much as I ever did, and this isn’t a nasty situation. Nor will I  discuss details beyond some vague philosophical opinions I have on society and marriage and expectations. I have become ridiculously cynical in regards to people feeling like they have inherent entitlement to the whys of my life (seriously, the latest abject condescension from my insurance guy has depleted the last of the grace I can give to that kind of discussion), and I’m just done feeling obligated to anyone outside of the family, really. More than that, we have many of the same friends, and I want to continue what Jon and I have managed to salvage from our foundational friendship. So from that side of the equation I’ll say that I’m proud of how we’re handling it, and that the kids are doing remarkably well. There is a very large, very loving village raising them. Things really are going to be fine.

So that’s it, I guess. I don’t really have anything else to talk about today, and since this is historically an incredibly uncomfortable conversation for everyone, I’ll just end this like I would an awkward phone call where I say my kids are squawking to go to the park, so let’s get together for coffee soon, because it’s been too long.

Seriously though, the people who support us are our buoys, and my gratefulness is immeasurable.